Blogging in a PE Classroom?

Throughout most of my K-12 public school educational experience internet use has been discouraged for anything other than research that had strict guidelines; and more often than not was highly monitored. So, reading this article and discovering the idea of using blogging in a scholastic setting was foreign and radical to me. However, even to me, with slightly old fashioned ideas for education, that idea is an attractive one.

How does a PE teacher use blogging in the classroom? It seems nearly impossible to use the internet or blogging in a PHYSICAL education class. Of course, I do not know if it would work but while I was reading the article an idea struck me. For starters, having a class blog as a teacher would greatly reduce the accounts of missing homework or other paper handouts. in PE class if a hand-out is given before class none of the students have anywhere to put it. This causes the papers to be left on the gym floor or bleachers and forgotten about when class is over. Handing out assignments after class still leads to a similar problem. The papers tend to be left a top lockers where they were set and promptly forgotten about as the students changed out of their athletic attire. Having a students access the assignments on a class blog could potentially save a lot of grief in this department. However, not everyone may have access to the internet outside of school. In this case, on the days an assignment was to be given, students could be allowed extra time at the end of class after they have changed to print it off the blog.

Earlier in the year I read an article about the importance of students connecting what their learning in one class to another class. Having the students create a blog might be a great way to do this. While they are writing their posts the students can apply say, the grammar and prose they are learning in English class. Also, it would be a great way to get students to reflect on the finer, perhaps more academic points of physical activity. The students should be able to talk about the muscles targeted in that day or week’s activities, the functional movements done in class that apply to everyday life and/or a wide range of sports, and diet. Diet, I believe, should be a very important part of PE these days given the growing obesity epidemic in our youth.


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  1. You make several nice points in your response, and your reflection is obvious. You can continue to expand your post’s support and usefulness by providing links to your evidence (either from resources provided in class, other online sources, or even the Richardson text). That will enable your readers, who are interested in your thoughts, the ability to explore your topics more deeply.

    Don’t forget that blogging is also helpful for teachers to reflect upon their own practice. You may want to create private postings where you can record your classroom “victories and defeats,” reflecting upon strategies or techniques that are successful (or not) in your PE classroom.


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