Web 2.0 Applications: Chubby Grub


A large part of today’s physical education is not only being active to stay healthy, but eating to be healthy. At Chubbygrub.com you can see all the nutrition facts for popular restaurant chains. So, if the occasion forces you dine at one of these locations you can at least make an educated, and the healthiest decision on what to ingest. The site is very easy to navigate. There are three options for looking up nutrition information available to you. One, you can click on the name of a given restaurant and their  menu with nutrition facts will come up. Two, you can navigate to the categories tab and then choose the type of food you wish to consume; salads or pizzas for example. Say, you chose pizza; a list of different types of pizzas, the restaurants that are selling them, and their nutrition information will be available to you all on that one page. The third option available to the site surfer is the search bar, instead of going through the list trying to find the restaurant that you plan to eat at, you can simply type it into the search bar on the home page.

Before using this site you might want to know the basics of nutrition and what is considered “healthy” and what might not be. So you aren’t just staring at bunch of numbers wondering what 1740mg of Sodium means for your gut (that’s in Arby’s Angus Deli Sandwich).

The site is very easy to use for anyone who has a basic knowledge of computer usage. Since all the food chains on the website are fairly popular it can be used by people all over the country. I think it would be great to use in a high school PE/health class, when it comes to getting the students to consider what they are putting in their bodies.

One limitation of the site is that it gives the very bare minimum of information when it comes to the nutrition of the food in question. It actually gives less in the way of information than a nutrition label on a packaged food might give. What might be helpful, for those people who are not so wise in ways of nutrition is if the site offered a “cheat sheet” so to speak of what the recommended daily values of each nutrient are for boys, girls, men, and women.

The age group that this site is probably best suited for is an age group where they have a general idea of nutrition. Definitely no younger than 7-8 graders, but perhaps better fit for those in high school and above.

This site can fill the decision making and critical thinking NETS-S standard for students.


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  1. Very comprehensive evaluation!


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