Web 2.0 Applications: Workout Box


Thanks to technology we have a lot of great resources when it comes to the training programs, in home work-outs ect. WorkoutBox.com is a one of those sites that doesn’t just offer resources for those looking to for training, but is also a great site for those in the fitness field. Workout Box does several things; it offers workout tips, videos, and plans for a variety of different interests, be it losing weight or bulking. It also offers an option for you to create your own personal fitness “empire”. You can make your own training site with plans and training videos. When I stumbled upon this I immediately thought of how fun it would be to use in a Physical Education class. How fun would it be for students, over the course of the term or year, to put together a class fitness site, complete with plans they write and videos they make on how to do certain drills, movements, lifts, and exercises.

This site could actually fulfill all of the NETS-S requirements if used in the way that I suggested above. It would cultivate creativity and collaboration, require information literacy and digital etiquette and knowledge, as well as critical thinking and problem solving.

You really don’t need to know much before entering the site aside from your reason for going there. Simply what your fitness goal is and what type of lifting/working out you want to do. Or if it is your goal to start your own fitness website, how you want to present yourself to potential clients.

The site is fairly simple to use, and has lots of pictures and testimonials so that’s a strength that the site has. However, I believe it does require you to purchase most of the exercise or diet plans on the site, though some that are offered are free for use or offer a free trial.

Again, this site is also a higher level website. I wouldn’t introduce it in the classroom to anyone bellow high school students, and might even save it for a class that deals exclusively with Juniors and Seniors and at the college level.


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  1. Another solid evaluation- were you able to find a third Web 2.0 site to evaluate?


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